Are you looking for a bookcase that is perfect for your books?

Here is the good news: The Perfect Bookshelf has been designed to adapt harmoniously to all book formats, without exception. But not only books. Photo albums, LPs, CDs, artworks, decorative objects...
All the things that are important to you can find a place here.

You can easily select and configure the shelves of your bookcase according to these different dimensions:

  • - Small size (suitable for paperbacks, notebooks, CDs ...)
    Storage 22 cm high and 17 cm deep.
  • - Medium size (suitable for novels, travel guides...)
    Storage 25 cm high and 17 cm deep.
  • - Large size (suitable for art books, comics...)
    Storage 34 cm high and 26 cm deep.
  • - Maximum size (suitable for binders, files, LPs...)
    Storage 34 cm high and 35 cm deep.
  • - Custom-made (on request)
    from 13 to 35 cm in height and from 17 to 40 cm in depth,
    create the shelf height that suits you best.

- You would like a bookcase that is 215 cm high by 185 cm wide?

If you have books in different formats: your bookcase can be configured with 3 larger shelves (34 cm), 2 medium shelves (25 cm) and 2 smaller shelves (22 cm).

Your bookcase will then have a final height of 212 cm, a width of 185 cm, and will offer 12.95 linear metres of storage over 7 different shelves.

If you only have large-format books: your bookcase can be composed of 6 high shelves (34 cm).

Your bookcase will then have final dimensions of a height of 217cm, a width of 185cm, and offer 11.1 linear metres of storage over 6 different shelves.

If you have books of small and medium size : the bookcase can be composed of 6 shelves of medium size (25 cm) and 2 shelves of a smaller size (22 cm).

Your bookcase will then have a final height of 210 cm, a width of 185 cm, and will offer 14.8 linear metres of storage over 8 different shelves.

dim-2.jpgUne de nos nombreuses possibilités de configuration

- Do you require a bookcase adapted to a space under an angle or staircase?

No problem! Our bookcases have been designed precisely to fit your interior. Create and view your furniture online in just a few seconds. Simply measure the available dimensions: our tool will design a bookcase adapted to your interior.

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- Would you like a bookcase next to a fireplace?

Great! The Perfect Bookshelf bookcases fit perfectly with the design of all types of fireplaces. The combinations of shelves and adjustable elements make it possible to elegantly match the lines and contours of the fireplace, whatever its height.

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- Vous désirez un emplacement pour votre télévision ?

Aucun problème, la Perfect Bookshelf est facilement adaptable. Elle peut accueillir un espace sur mesure pour votre télévision

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- Your bookcase will need be installed against walls with skirtings?

The Perfect Bookshelf can be easily combined with existing skirtings.

If the skirting boards are located only at the rear of your bookcase and it has several different widths, there is nothing special to worry about: your Perfect Bookshelf has already been designed to adapt to this situation.

If your baseboards are on the sides of the bookcase, use our configuration wizard to reduce the size of your first shelf to perfectly fit your Perfect Bookshelf.

- Do you want a bookcase with dimensions over 350 cm in height or 450 cm in width?

- Are you looking for a corner bookcase?

- Any question for which you can't find an answer?

No problem: we specialize in custom-made furniture. Contact us directly by clicking on the button below and specifying your request. We will respond as soon as possible.

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