The Perfect Bookshelf comprise two separate elements:

- Horizontal boards made to the required size.

- U-shaped boxes that are simply slotted between the boards.

You will receive your bookcase in kit form:

- Interlocking boards cut to your size. The number of boards depends on the number of levels your bookcase comprises.

- One or more set(s) of U-shaped boxes. These U-boxes come nested together like Russian dolls, to facilitate ease of transport and storage. Depending on your bookcase, the U-boxes are delivered in sets of 3, 6 or 9.

The bookcase is very easy to assemble without tools, as follows:

- The first board is laid on the ground.

- Depending on the width of the shelf, a certain number of U-boxes are positioned to fit snugly over the board. You position the U-boxes according to your requirements and the "look" you want for your bookshelf.

A second board is slotted above the first level of boxes.

- Un deuxième étage de boîtes vient se fixer sur la seconde planche.

A third board is slotted above the second level of boxes

- And so on until you reach the desired height.