What kind of books can I put on my bookcase?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are designed to accommodate all types of books: you can choose between 3 different heights:

For small books such as pocket books: actual height 22cm.

For medium-size books such as novels and travel guides: actual height 25cm.

For large books such as comic annuals, art books and files: actual height 34cm.

What is the maximum weight a shelf can carry?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are designed to accommodate a large number of books of all types, provided you follow the guidelines for positioning the U-boxes:

Maximum space between two U-boxes: 55cm.

Space between a U-box and the end of the shelf: 15cm.

Minimum of two U-boxes per level.

Can I order a made-to-measure item?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are made-to-measure by design:

You decide the width of your shelves yourself.

The height is determined by placing the various levels one on top of each other. Our configurator allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

What do I need to assemble my bookcase?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are very easy to assemble, requiring no nails, screws or glue.

Assembly instructions are provided for your convenience.

Can I add and remove levels to my bookcase?

Yes, you can remove one or more levels from your bookcase.

If you want to add more levels, contact us to confirm that your new order will adapt perfectly to your existing bookcase.

Do the shelves have to be fixed to the wall?

For perfect stability and your own safety, we recommend fixing the shelves to the wall with the screws and dowels supplied for this purpose.

Can "The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases be suspended?

No, the shelves must always be placed on the ground.

What are they made of?

Our shelves are made of poplar wood. You will find details in the "technical specifications" section.

Is the wood used certified?

All the wood used to manufacture "The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases is PEFC certified poplar wood. Our wood supplier is based in Brussels, and sources local producers wherever possible.

Where are the shelves made?

Our bookcases are made by designer-craftsman Alain Chennaux in his workshop in Brussels. They are handmade products, 100% Belgian.

Are "The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases moisture resistant?

Our shelves are made from poplar wood and should be kept in a normally dry atmosphere.

Can I buy bookcase components separately? Is it possible to exchange a part that's worn?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are ordered by level.

However, you can order a set of U-boxes (3, 6 or 9). Contact us to place an order.

How do I work out the price of my bookcase?

You can get the price for your "The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcase according to the size and finish you want, by going to our online configurator.


What payment methods are available?

For online payments we accept bank transfers (Belgian or European), PayPal, the usual credit cards and your bank's internet banking method. You can pay online directly through the following banks: BNP PARIBAS-FORTIS, DEXIA, ING, La banque de la Poste, KBC, AXA and Fintro.

Can I make a distance purchase?

Yes, you can purchase online via our website by entering your requirements in terms of sizes and colours. You then choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

Alternatively you can send us your requirements by filling in the contact form.

Can I pay for my bookcase in instalments?

The total amount of your purchase must be paid in full at the time of ordering.

If you pay by bank transfer, your order will only be confirmed when the total amount is received into the Belgatonnerre account.


Can I get help designing a bookcase to fit one of my rooms?

You can contact us by filling out the contact form, we'll be happy to respond to your requirements.

What guarantee does my bookcase come with?

All parts of our bookcases are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years in normal use (dry conditions, nominal loads), provided that all transport, assembly and usage instructions as described on the website and in the assembly instructions are adhered to. In this case, and this case only, Belgatonnerre will exchange defective parts free of charge.

Is there a home delivery service?

Yes, all our bookcases are delivered to your home.

Is there an assembly service?

Yes, if you wish we can come to your home to assemble your bookcase.

Do the bookcases come assembled or in flat packs?

"The Perfect Bookshelf" bookcases are delivered in 2 flat packs:

A set of U-boxes (3, 6 or 9).

Boards made to your dimensions.

What is the approximate weight of the packs?

A set of U-boxes (by 3, 6 or 9) weighs between 3 and 19kg.

Depending on the dimensions, a set of boards weighs between 4 and 20kg.

What does delivery cost within Belgium and abroad?

Delivery within Belgium is free. If you live outside Belgium, contact us for delivery times and costs for your location.

Can I cancel my order and my delivery?

For information see article 9 of our general conditions of sale.

Can I change an existing order?

This depends on the status of your order. Contact us as soon as possible.